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Sadasiva Brahmendra Aradhana at Manamadurai

Sadasiva Brahmendra aradhana at Manamadurai

Conducting aradhana for saints as ‘utsavam’ (festival) has become an established tradition in Tamil Nadu. The reverence and involvement of the people are more marked if the personalities have left a legacy of devotional hymns presented in concerts. Sadasiva Brahmendra has an important place in this galaxy. There are many stories about this composer-saint of the 18th century. According to legend, this ‘avadhoota sanyasi’ whose parents named him Sivaramakrishnan — attained ‘jeeva samadhi’ around 1750. Full details about this saint are difficult to ascertain. Many miracles are attributed to him.

The aradhana for Brahmendra also called ‘mauna guru’ is organised regularly at Nerur and Manamadurai. He is credited with the authorship of several grantha-s and verses soaked in philosophy, propagating advaita and also ‘nama smarana’. Among the‘grantha-s, only Atma Vidya Vilasam is available… read more

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